Willie & Company is coming to Llano Grande on Friday, March 11, 2016! 

Willie & Co

WILLIE AND COWillie is not just a character; he is a personality unto himself and most definitely the star of the show.  Just ask him.  With the face of a five year old and the mind of a lad much older, Willie loves the ladies, torments the men and steals the hearts of both.  Willie can be a smart aleck but deep down he is a totally sincere young man whose attributes include his tremendous with and his ability to get the audience involved in the show.  Willie’s singing wisecracking and comical antics are his alone, and that’s why he’s the star.  He is almost convinced he can do the show alone, an attitude that represents ventriloquism at is very finest.

Some of Willie’s family will share the spotlight with him.  Willie has a great-great granny Gardner, a real charmer with folks from her generation who is a good ol’ gal with more than a spark left in her!  Then there’s his little cousin Hannah, the “wanna-be” star who is a real delight and a big favorite with the audiences.

Although Peggy Miller’s name is absent from Willie & Company, her voice carries the show.  Peggy, a truly extraordinary ventriloquist, has the unique ability to make her audience almost forget that she is the actual voice behind Willie & Company.  This renowned ventriloquist has been entertaining people worldwide for more than two decades in locations as diverse as Germany, England and the U.S. Supreme Court.  Her shows are quite unique and are tailored to the audience she is entertaining.

Tickets for this fun filled show can be purchased at Llano Grande Resort & Country Club, 2215 East West Blvd in Mercedes (Exit Mile 2 West off Expressway 83 and go south about a mile).  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the Llano Grande activity office.  To order and pay by phone, call 956-565-2228.  For more information, contact Robert Ferguson at 574-361-2947.  Show begins at 7 pm, doors open at 6 pm.